Thursday, September 3, 2015

1 Year after the Mike Brown Shooting + 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

During Black August, our collective calendar at Yeyo Arts Collective, 2907 South Jefferson Ave., 63118 ( created programming to focus on entrepreneurial endeavors, celebrating black male role models and reflecting on not only Mike Brown and Katrina, but the ongoing struggle for Black folks in America and all of humanity.

Each week, I have continued to offer reiki by donation to people in the community who has prioritized healing in their lives. The deepest question is, "how can we bring joy into all we do."

As an artist, I continued my quilts in response to said topics. Also, Saint Louis lost a giant and prolific ink drawer, Milton Holmes. His legacy lives on.

Saint Louis Magazine and PBS Newshour covered my artwork. To see the articles, see below:

The Toogalou Art Colony, which ran in July, deeply impacted the current work. During the open studio residency, the colony heard of the horrific death of  Sandra Bland. Although, the work does not directly reflect Bland's death, it speaks on the position of black women in America from a variety of natural and unnatural contexts.

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