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Artist Statement

" As creative beings we are constantly moving, pushing, re-evaluating and growing as a process of reflection and progression. Creativity stirs inside of us all. The individual creates, yet it is the community it is gifted for. Our exchange is a vehicle for connecting to one another. We all share this divine urge to create, yet it manifests in beautifully diverse ways." 

As a woman of African descent I am weighed on the thread thin division line of my autonomy and your govern. The objects and imagery in my work act as physical representations of this identity. They stand as a display of my presence and experience; and as that of my foremothers and ancestors. I see each work as an individual, engaged in conversation with the viewer. Through action implied in text of the titles, the objects request is made to the viewer…


Dail Chambers is a mother, artist and activist who exhibits and lectures nationally. She practices her studio art process in St. Louis Place, in north St. Louis, Missouri. Her artwork is based in material meaning and women’s topics through an inquiry of history, self and family. The concept of place and time are integral components of her work.
Dail founded the Yeyo Arts collective, a group of five artists who opened Gya, a non profit community arts space that creates arts and culture experiences within the St. Louis region. She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Visionary Award for Emerging Artist in 2011 and a Resolution from the City of St. Louis, Missouri in 2010. She is a 2010 Community Arts Training Institute graduate and 2011 Urban Bush Woman SLI fellow.