Art Collaborations

Project Sketchbook

Lights Along Cherokee

                        The Dress Project w/WCA Diana Ruikas

Youth Projects

 SLPS/ Portfolio Gallery Project

 TEEN Camp Exercise

Bread & Roses

Community Building

 Gya Community Gallery Location
 Literacy for Social Justice
Earthdance Organic F.A.R.M.S.
Urban Bush Women SLI 2011

I am deeply inspired and held accountable by the communities I engage with.
-St. Louis Place, St. Louis
-Yeyo Arts Collective, St. Louis
-JWJ Bread & Roses, St. Louis
-Organization for Black Struggle, St. Louis
-Literacy for Social Justice Teachers Group, St. Louis
-Justice Institute, St. Louis
-CAT Institute, Regional Arts Commision, St. Louis
-Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute 2011
-Saint Louis Art Museum, Art With Us Program, St. Louis

Past Affiliation and Projects

-Women's Caucus of Art
-The Aids Project, Memphis Tenn.
-The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, St. Louis
-Teen CAMP


Artistik Approach; Memphis, Tenn.
Nappily Blue; St. Louis, Mo.
The Cowry Collective, St. Louis Mo.
CEL, Creative Exchange Lab,