Sunday, March 28, 2010

Updates, updates, Updates!

March has been one of the best months of my life!!!!

Lets see... we started off with (un)seasoned, a craft show I hosted at my studio. The day was beautiful and everyone that came out to support was a cool set of folks. I appreciate how much everyone was excited to visit. It truly set the pace for the rest...

That following Friday I recieved a resolution from St.Louis Alderman Shane Cohn. How wonderful to be acknowledged amongst your peers! It was a wonderful experience for me, my family and friends...

& now I am on the National & local board for the Women's Caucus of Art. Locally I am the exhibitions chair and Nationally I will be the Vice President of Development and on the International committee... I look forward to my new responsibility and can't wait for dedicating more to the organization.

lets see... then there is the iTAG and my inclusion to Literacy for Social Justice Research Group. I am really excited about this because it is a direct lineage of why I work so hard. Art & Education shapes our world. We need to be more involved in it's processes so that we can empower ourselves and navigate these environments with more ease and confidence.
The iTAG is going wonderful. The group is open, critical thinkers who do not mind thinking outside of the box! (For one group, literally) I was really impressed with todays session. will blog more about this experience later...

& GYA arts, gifts and wellness will be officially open on May 1st at our location 2700 Locust! YeyoArts Collective is amped and ready! We are actually still accepting consigners, so please email me if you are interested. A portion of our sales goes back into programming needs so that we can freely teach classes such as candlemaking, design work, art classes, and empowerment services. We definitely look forward to the future, as we have a long month ahead of us. Also, we are accepting applications for internships if you are interested we can send you our call and requirements, just contact me. yes, yes, yessss!!!!!

This past weekend I had a wonderful time at RAC's Crossroads Convening. This was basically an art conference that will smack you back and ask for tax! It was great, refreshing, renewing and inspiring. The experience has led my thoughts on my art and mission to so many new outlets, I cant wait to dive in.... later. ok, waaay later.

Tonight ended with Affirmations. Effective, fun, intense and informative. It was a complete blessing to attend.

will post pics as I upload!

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