Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crossroads Convening

Does anyone remember my *top of this blog* installation I am the Crossroads? Well, it's funny I mentioned it because uhh... being in St. Louis puts us all at that point. How fitting for the convening to also take this position... that intuitive duende, standing at the edge of action, when life chance and artistic expressions leaps out of your every spirit... crossroads.

I had the opportunity to blog for the convening that took place at the Regional Arts Commision St. Louis. Hands down the best "conference" I have ever attended. How fulfilled I am when laboring over new initiatives and the renewed aquaintance that I've had with my studio again.... thank GAWD! I thought i'd lost myself there for a moment, not creating, not being inspired. i know its a regular season but I hate the droughts when they come...

Back to the Convening: Theaster Gates and Robert Longyear was a very necessary discussion. yes. The Handmade community action workshop. yes, yes. and all of the wonderful happenings... oh yesss. great: and I ended the experience with a new hair bead and two paperweights to hold my stack full of papers. Goodnite.

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