Sunday, February 7, 2010


I have recently been teaching at U.City elementary schools with afterschool. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such bright and colorful young people. It has been wonderful to see the students grow in attention to detail and using materials... but i feel as though we are just beginning.

I've come to be excited about my weekly visits. I like to hear them talk about their work too: At one school one of the students drew an image of himself, with long reaching arms, and at the top of his page he wrote, "I can see, even without eyes." He scratched out the eyes, too. How beautiful, and he's in Kindergarten!

I know that it is a beginners all inclusive temporary drawing class, but we are just starting to get comfortable! the young people (k-6th) have created some amazing work ! thats what is difficult with short term programs... "as soon as we get cooking, the microwave beeps." We as creatives and educators need to find ways to build more long term programming. Commitment and constancy means a lot to young people...
Here are a couple of the student's work that we've completed during my short stay. I am so proud of them! The assignment was still lives in charcoal.

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