Saturday, June 27, 2009

elizabeth catlett

most often i ask myself, "now how am i going to make something that i relate to and understand..."

as we already know there is not enough black imagery in media, around us or made by us. many do not know that most catalogued depictions of african american art up until recently had been interpreted by non black people. wild, that we would leave such an important task to those who really do not have a complete understanding of what my life looks like.

so when it comes to artmaking i simply answer myself by making what i am sure i know about. sometimes it does has to do with blackness in some form but not always in content. sometimes in representation, sometimes in political response. it depends on so much.
one of my favorite artists is african american born mexican artist elizabeth catlett...many ideas i thought i knew she has mastered way ago. i am thankful for her leadership in not only african american art but political art and aesthetic. here are a few images of her work. i have seen her work in person and must say that you "ain't seeing nothin'" unless you see them in person.
support those who have trekked the journey that you now follow. i think the main way i stand against misrepresentation and discrimination in the arts is by upholding those works who really speak to me, and I must say: Elizabeth Catlett and I are having an entire conversation she will never even know about.


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