Monday, November 24, 2008

(recall) Raising Our Voices- 'n some.

the two works that i put in the show were: (life can not be contained)... i need to take better pics but: the black envelope also includes the text: "note to resist." the piece is made of paper envelope, crocheted copper wire and clay.

watching you watch us. this collage on paper is made up of pastel. paint. acetate and mag clippings. which really i began to recollect the fact that
i used to love magazines
before clipping
and even still now. id just been forgetting to make time for those sorts of things. like outside influences too even... which that can get dangerous. but anyhow it seems everything is pointing towards representation in this one. the end on that.

the next set of imagery is still working out some ideas in my head left over from "i flock" creation. metaphors are fun. surrealism is fun. -yet im not calling my imagery surreal.- just deeply influenced visually. that and chinua achebe (: this man can make imagery with words that some cant make with imagery ) ...

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ChaoticBlackSheep said...

I really like Life Can't Be Contained. I was aware of the text on the envelope, but in black on black it is so subtle that I couldn't read it for all that I tried. Note to Resist - that is very beautiful, poetic and appropriate to the piece. Thank you for enlightening me.