Saturday, November 15, 2008

artist response nov. 2008

The individual and the collective…Connect. How big we are as individuals. How greater we are collectively. Individual attempts of greater consciousness, greater being, and spirituality is only one part of an intangible foundation. The individual human struggle shapes us all in both life and consciousness. The collective [conscious] (spirit) and the link to our individual selves are not so often touched upon as we question life experience, human struggles & rights. It is the intangible thought that keeps us linked together, not our physicality. Let us explore and strive together for more than our earthly presence. I reflect on these topics the most in my art making. All is intertwined. Representation of "the infinite" or what I consider "true life" shows itself through the materials I use in sculpture. Copper, sometimes coined as the blood of the earth and clay, known as the body of earth together, make up merely a representation of our existence in my forms, sculptures and installations. One may notice that I hint towards these ideas in the process of my art making, as well. Connecting, wrapping, sewing, locking and conjoining are traditional practices; historically linked to "women's work" that best demonstrates connectivity and relationship. By physically doing these actions I am connecting to an idea. Join me. Ra, the Egyptian sun god is the chief character in my smaller drawings. Ra, the god of creativity touches us all, individually: in different ways and wills. I express this by adding the sun symbol in portraiture of contemporary and historical figures. For many with religious knowledge, the symbol may recall Christian deities. For me, the two symbols are the same in meaning. Everyone is a creator; everyone's a valuable spiritual figure. Yet I implore, how can we as individuals use this power together? -dail chambersartist response nov. 2008


The said...

long time.

stumbled upon this ever so magically.

would love to reconnect

ChaoticBlackSheep said...

Very beautiful Dail.
For me creativity and connection is more akin to the tide, an ebb and flow of sorts wherein at some times I feel enlightened while at others I feel lost. Adrift as it were. The two cn be closely intertwined as I can be lost in that which I am creating all too easily, and thus become disconnected from the here and now. It comes in waves and I am content to flow along within and without it. I find that in this I am even more connected to myself as an artist and as a woman.