Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Small Drawings.

sometimes I indulge. and especially since the weather has been getting cooler. these are smallies..thread, pastel, charcoal.. oh, but these drawings are their own entity, separate from the body of work that Im building up.

...and academia tells you to focus on one idea, one cohesive body of work... etc. etc. blah blah blah. thats just not how I am, it depends on... well, everything: my mood, my choice of topic, my list of studio "to-do's"... many factors. and yes I think its important to dedicate to the work, in the real world I can cater to my own mode. Skip around, work things out in my head, pick back up, let it go for awhile, whatever. that's a great thing.

so these are just in betweens i guess, nothing highly conceptual but pleasing to me none the less.

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ChaoticBlackSheep said...

These are very nice. I tend to drift between styles and ideas myself, and find that I am most comfortable when left to consider things and to explore. I think it's harder in academia to allow for this because of the tight time constraints that have to be imposed so that progress over the course of a semester can be easily noticed. Art is so subjective anyway.