Monday, January 30, 2017

Black Lotus Mobile

In this healing project, it is my goal to give self care information and support to folks who have been historically targeted in the United States. For this project I am starting with the Underground Railroad but not to ignore the long resistance held by the first people of the land.
In 2017 we are working on exhibitions, mobile healing stations and securing a truck. This two year project has matured in many ways. Just like other social arts based projects in the past, we will collaborate and make our imprint in the legacy of those who have done it before us.
Currently, I am blending my Reiki training with my childbirth education training, touch for health and visual art to work with folks who are most often time not a part of the gallery culture and setting. As I walk through my personal journey of creativity and mothering, I am documenting my process through writing, animation and collage.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Working with youth in Tanzania was a deep learning experience.
I enjoyed the beautiful nature. The biggest growth of my professional development was realizing how dedicated I am to my practice. Despite personal issues, a complicated collaboration and health issues I moved forward with participation with the organizing team and the students of the school. The activities that were done with the youth were from lesson plans that I've done with St. Louis Public Schools, Memphis Black Arts Alliance, Yeyo Arts Collective and Bread and Roses. Good thing I brought those tools and knowledge with me because it was very grounding. The biggest challenge is my lack of knowledge of Swahili.